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clinical acuity analytics for optimized healthcare delivery

Clinical Acuity Analytics


Clinical Acuity Analytics


Verras is a unique healthcare-centered analytical firm focused on intelligently harnessing data to improve services and value. We provide targeted software and systems to payers, physicians, and hospitals, equipping clients to implement strategic analytical tools specifically tailored to measure resource consumption and clinical variation.


Our patented tools provide the framework from which to optimize consumption models and reduce variance, resulting in higher quality and lower costs. These measurable improvements ultimately bring better value to the populations served.


Verras leadership includes a core group of industry experts with decades of experience in hospital and healthcare management and consulting, operations, services, and finance.

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Acuity Index

Method TM

Verras Sherlock TM

Verras Watson TM

Medical Value Index TM

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Learn how Verras tools optimize data collection and analysis to improve healthcare delivery and value.

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