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Verras offers tools to assess quality and cost of healthcare delivery


Verras Strategic Tools


Verras offers an array of tools to assess quality and cost of healthcare delivery and truly compute its value. The Verras Acuity Index Method™ (AIM), Verras Sherlock,™ and Verras Watson™ solutions were developed to review each case at the physician order level and enable comparison of cases treated by a single physician or group of physicians against internal best practices.

The Verras Medical Value Index™ (MVI) is a patented method for calculating the value of care provided by hospitals. This tool assesses data from inpatient stays including resource consumption and reduction in clinical variance. The MVI measures 3 years of hospital discharge data obtained from public or hospital databases. The Verras MVI discloses a hospital’s value in comparison with others in the same clinical areas and helps provide guidance to consumers in hospital choice. In addition, the MVI forms a structural foundation for hospitals to pursue financially viable, value-based reimbursements from payers, self-funded plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and government programs.

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Learn how Verras tools optimize data collection and analysis to improve healthcare delivery and value.

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